La Ola's sponsorship program divides the costs for each child into "shares" which can be sponsored separately. This allows more people to get involved, sharing the cost of sponsorship and making it more affordable to participate. It is possible to sponsor as many shares of whichever type you choose for any child according to your preference. There are no limits to the number of children or shares you can sponsor.

There are up to two categories for each child's sponsorship; education (fees, books, uniforms and supplies) and living expenses (food, shelter, clothing, transportation and care). Everyone who sponsors at least one share will receive all of the benefits of the program.

The main benefit, for both sponsors and our children, is being able to stay connected in a meaningful way.

You will be able to log in to your personal, secure account through our website to send and receive messages which can be automatically translated for your child. There will be updates posted for children when noteworthy events or achievements occur, such as receiving their grades, honors, and awards. You will automatically be notified when such updates occur.

Our dedicated volunteer sponsor coordinators will assist in keeping sponsors and kids connected.  Once a year, you will receive a gift package that will include a current photo as well as items from your child such as drawings, school work and/or a handwritten note.

Also included with the program is the ability to view your payments from your sponsorship portal. You can even organize and manage fundraising campaigns! At the end of the year, you will receive a tax deductible Annual Giving Statement.

One education share for an elementary school student costs just $41/mo. USD. Anyone who sponsors at least one share is entitled to all of the benefits of the program.

Yes. You may sponsor as many children as you like for as many shares and whichever types of shares you choose according to your preference. There are no limits.

Education costs are determined by the school each child attends in addition to their grade level. Nearly all of our children attend private schools which require us to raise more funding than if we were to send them to public schools, but generally offer more opportunity and a higher level of education.

Cost of living expenses are determined by our own financial records which determine the amount of funding needed to provide for the comprehensive care of our children. This includes food, clothing, shelter, care, transportation and healthcare.

Yes and no. Education costs vary by school level and are designated specifically for the child you sponsor. Cost of living donations are pooled to provide for the needs of all our children. Therefore, even children who do not yet have any sponsors still benefit from your generosity.

Many larger organizations with similar programs, who may have hundreds of kids in different locations, choose to pool all donations to distribute evenly simply as a matter of practicality. In that regard, La Ola's program is a bit unique in that we offer the opportunity for your support to have more of a direct impact on the child you sponsor.

There will be updates on your child throughout the year through the special "conversations" portal of your sponsorship account. You can respond and send messages to your child through your portal any time you wish. We will also mail a photo and information packet which may include drawings, school work, notable achievements and a handwritten message from your child on an annual basis.

It is even possible to request a time to meet and visit with your child at La Ola! Visitation times will be restricted, so please contact our sponsor coordinator, Debra, through your sponsorship account for details.

Yes. Local sponsors may contact our sponsor coordinator, Debra, through their sponsorship account to inquire about what kind of gift would be appropriate for their child. We ask that local sponsors bring gifts in person to our office.

We encourage long distance sponsors to send extra funds in place of shipping gifts to their child. We can then take the child shopping and guide them in choosing an appropriate gift they like.

Our shipping address is different than our mailing address. Sponsors who wish to ship a specific item that we may not be able to find here may do so by contacting our sponsor coordinator, Debra, through their sponsorship account.

Yes.  All U.S. and Mexico donations will receive a tax deductible Annual Giving Statement with a summary of your donations at the end of the year.  This information can also be viewed from your sponsorship account any time you want.

La Ola is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is registered with a CLUNI from the Federal Registry of Nonprofit Organizations in Mexico which is the highest certification available in Mexico, the equivalent of the U.S. 501(c)3.

Sponsors may contact our sponsor coordinator, Debra, through their sponsorship account on our website. All other inquiries can be sent to info@laolacasahogar.org.